Latest in Public Procurement

The Honourable Prime Minister and Minister of State, Ministry of Finance and Corporate Governance have been spearheading the restructuring of public procurement with the belief that a structured public procurement system would be of immense benefit to the government, and to the local economy.

Keeping in line with this initiative, the Government of Antigua and Barbuda sought assistance from Commonwealth Secretariat to modernize and strengthen public procurement across its public service. In this regard, Mr. Philip Adams, was commissioned on a four-month assignment as a Procurement Consultant to the Government of Antigua and Barbuda. He arrived in Antigua in July 2016.

From the 4th to 7th October 2016, Mr. Augustus Cole, Financial Adviser, from Commonwealth Secretariat was present in Antigua.  Mr. Cole met with several stakeholders, including, Mr. Sean Cenac, Permanent Secretary, Finance and Corporate Governance, who is also Chairman of the Tenders Board; Mr. Dean Everson, Director of Audit; and Ms. Loreka Samuel, Head of Internal Audit, in the Ministry of Finance and Corporate Governance.

As part of his work and in line with the associated terms of reference, Mr. Adams developed and conducted training on the principles and procedures in public procurement. The first training was for staff members with some procurement experience, who may be deployed to the Procurement Unit that will be established within the Ministry of finance. The second training session was for the external auditing staff. Both training sessions were well attended.

In line with the public procurement restructuring programme, the Tenders Board (Procurement Board), has proposed the establishment of a vendor registration system, and updating the records management system. The vendor registration system, in particular, would afford all vendors wanting to participate in the public procurement system to be duly registered allowing for one knowledge base repository and who can be assured benefits accrue within the widest possible network of domestic businesses and entrepreneurs.

Prospective and current vendors are hereby informed that soon after this website is launched, it will serve as a common portal for all current and pertinent information on public procurement, including, tenders, expression of interests, and awards of contracts, which would be broadcasted and constantly updated.